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Do You See Yourself in These Millennial Parents?

You Aren't The Only Millennial Parents Who Question How To balance College Savings With Other Goals

You're Not the Only One With Questions

Do You See Yourself in The Millennial Parents On This Page?

How often have you debated in your own mind how to make the best financial decisions for your family? The decisions we face about 529 plans, IRA investments, and other common topics can feel quite lonely. Each family brings slightly different nuances to the table. But you can feel comfort in knowing that countless other Millennial parents in Washington, DC have expressed the same desires and goals as you. 

"Thanks to Kevin's advising, I now feel more confident and knowledgable making financial decisions for my family."

– Meg M.


"Kevin is calm, non-judgmental, and excellent at asking questions that help you drill down to core goals."

– Laura F.

Faced with uncertainty about college costs, they're investing for multiple uses

Maria & Alex recognize that they don't yet know what college will look like for their daughter. So we set up their savings and investments to reflect the competing goals they have, such as college, retirement, and buying a vacation home.

Balancing College With Other Investments 

she's taking advantage of time to maximize the growth of her college savings

Gaby doesn't think college savings are her top financial priority. But we automated small, frequent investments into her 529 plan before her son was even born. She feels excited about the opportunities that early investing can create.

Starting Early With College Savings

She's determined to spare him the large student loan debt she had after college

Sarah feels that her student loans limited her after college. So she's proud to be investing in 529 plans in two different states to reduce her taxes and investment fees. She isn't neglecting her retirement, but college comes first for now. 

Saving Aggressively for a Debt-Free Future

They're saving for college, but they're mostly investing for other purposes

Alicia & Tim want to have the money to travel freely with their kids while they live at home. So we invest more savings in a non-education account than in their 529 plan. They love that their money grows, but with flexibility attached.

Prioritizing Other Values & Interests

Financial planning for Millennials means no longer limiting what's possible for you and your kids

You Don't Want to Regret Not Investing Sooner

Financial planning for Millennials means no longer limiting what's possible for you and your kids