Empowering Millennial parents to turn savings into memories with your kids

Financial Planning for Millennials in Washington, DC

As a financial planner for families, Illumint's services best fit Millennial parents who want to give their kids the educational opportunities to ultimately live the life they desire. But our clients also want to use their savings and investments for more than just college costs. 

Start to Picture Yourself Feeling Confident and Proactive With Your money

What Does a Financial Planner for Families Do?


What You Can Expect from a Financial Planner For Families:

Invest + Educate

We have such a long time horizon for investing that we need to understand our own investments. We need to feel confident in our investment knowledge.

Everything Is Fair Game

While we emphasize college financial planning, Illumint's work covers every aspect of your finances, from housing to stressful inheritance decisions

Mind the Tax

Almost every financial decision we make has tax consequences. So every strategy we consider must include a discussion about tax advantages & disadvantages.

Reasons Why You Should Not Work With Illumint

You can't have me log into your accounts to buy or sell investments

You want to find the cheapest financial advisors to work with

You want a financial advisor who only offers in-person, real-time meetings

You can't work with a team of associate financial advisors; you only work with me

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How much should you contribute and how should you invest those dollars? Plus, Millennial parents can choose from dozens of 529 plans.

529 College Savings Plans

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How can you reduce your family's college costs? Tuition discounts, particularly merit aid, can have a huge impact on the "sticker price" you see first.

College Merit Aid

Are you ready to Take Control of Your Financial Future?

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What does financial freedom look like to you? Whether you're want a "traditional" retirement or work optional, smart, consistent investing is key.

Investing for Work Optional

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Why would you only invest for the long term? Investments with a different timeline can help you to live the life you want, sooner.

Investing for Bucket List Items

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How can future housing decisions both improve your life and boost your wealth? Owning property has benefits, but it's just one piece of the puzzle.

First-Time & 2nd Home Ownership

If you're expecting to receive a large gift or an inheritance, you want to act steadily, but deliberately on how you deploy the new money.

What To Do With an Inheritance


"Thanks to Kevin's advising, I now feel more confident and knowledgable making financial decisions for my family."

– Meg M.


"Kevin is calm, non-judgmental, and excellent at asking questions that help you drill down to core goals."

– Laura F.

Financial planning for Millennials prevents you from making savings and investment decisions that limit what's possible for you and your kids

Each Day, Your Savings Lose Opportunities to Grow for College, retirement, & Enjoying Life

You Don't Want to Regret Not Investing Sooner

Growing Your Savings Takes Time 

Financial planning for Millennials prevents you from making investments that limit what's possible for you and your kids