Empowering you to understand how much to save for college

College Financial Planning For Millennial Parents in Washington, DC

College Financial Planning for Millennial Parents in Washington, DC

Empowering you to dictate how much to save for college

Gaby doesn't think college savings are her top financial priority. But we automated small, frequent investments into her 529 plan before her son was even born. She feels excited about the opportunities that early investing can create.

Alicia & Tim want to have the money to travel freely with their kids while they live at home. So we invest more savings in a non-education account than in their 529 plan. They love that their money grows, but with flexibility attached.

Maria & Alex recognize that they don't yet know what college will look like for their daughter. So we set up their savings and investments to reflect the competing goals they have, such as college, retirement, and buying a vacation home.

Sarah feels that her student loans limited her after college. So she's proud to be investing in 529 plans in two different states to reduce her taxes and investment fees. She isn't neglecting her retirement, but college comes first for now. 

89% of Parents Badly Miscalculate College Costs. You Could Be Using Your Money Differently.

College Financial Uncertainty Is Costing Your Family

You Could Be Using Your Money Differently

You're not alone in feeling uncertain about how much to save for college. And that financial uncertainty can have a negative impact on how your family spends, saves, & invests your money. Almost all Millennial parents feel vulnerable right now to unknowns about 529 plans and tuition discounts. But college financial planning can empower you to better align your money with the life you're living now and the future you want for your kids.

Millennial parents Like These finally got proactive about their investments, including how much to save for college. What changed for them?

They decide to apply.

You deserve a financial advisor who specializes in your family's specific life stage. As a Millennial with two young kids, I understand the financial uncertainty you may feel. I would love to help you find financial clarity and empower your family to invest in your future.

To do so, I became a fee-only financial advisor in Washington, DC, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), and a fiduciary. I also hold an undergraduate business degree from Georgetown University and an MBA in finance from Georgia Tech. I live in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of DC with my wife and boys.


Certified Financial Planner



I know college financial planning can feel daunting before you start. And Millennial parents in Washington, DC are busy. Still, you need to choose to take action. You need to decide to apply. Only then can these specific steps empower you to invest in your future & live the life you want with your family.













You Can Start to take control of Your Family's Financial Future This month. Here's How:

The AWARD-WINNING 'Invest in your Family Framework'

Here's How to Start Investing in Your Family's Financial Future This Month

"Thanks to Kevin's advising, I now feel more confident and knowledgable making financial decisions for my family."

– Meg M.


"Kevin is calm, non-judgmental, and excellent at asking questions that help you drill down to core goals."

– Laura F.

Without college financial planning, Millennial parents risk making financial decisions that limit what's possible for our families.

Your Family's Biggest Future Financial Decision Deserves Attention Today

You Don't Want to Regret Financial Inaction

Your Biggest Future Financial Decision Deserves Attention Today

You'll Savor the Ways You Spent.