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Welcome to a finance podcast specifically about college financial planning. The Ol' College ROI podcast is designed to do  help our generation in a way that is still all too rare. There's no shortage of personal finance news, whether related to student loans, housing costs, inflation, or something else. We also have access to plenty of generalized articles about how to save for college or what you need to be on track for retirement. What we need more of is  someone who can explain, with empathy and without judgment, what all of this personal finance information means to us.  The Ol' College ROI is designed to fill that void for Millennials.

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Roth IRA vs. 529 Plan: Which Will Work Best For Your Family?

In the Roth IRA vs 529 plan decision, one common scenario suggests you may be better off taking a modified approach to college savings

July 19, 2022



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Without college financial planning, Millennial parents risk making financial decisions that limit what's possible for our kids.

Your Family's Biggest Future Financial Decision Deserves Attention Today

You Don't Want to Regret Not Starting Sooner

Your Biggest Future Financial Decision Deserves Attention Today